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Short Stories
(Some of these are crossposted to Royal Road under the name Kaylie Night)
June 2020, "Indebted," New Myths: free to read online
"If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be this: never become indebted to a mortal."
December 2019, "You're Not Laughing Now," Celestial Echo Press: anthology available here
A twin-themed character study. (5 pages)
August 2019, "Walk With Me," Daily Science Fiction: free to read online
A conversation between a woman and her past self. (4 pages)
March 2019, "Don't Wake the Dreamer," Deep Magic: anthology available here (free for KU)
The story of a character in stranger's nightmare.  If he wakes up, she dies. (23 pages)
March 2019, "New Earth," Havok: available to subscribers here 
While searching for a new home, humanity makes a shocking discover about its past. (3 pages)
May 2018, "Judgement Day," Reedsy: free to read online
You're on your way home from work . . . and someone is watching you. (4 pages)
May 2018, "The Only One," Daily Science Fictionfree to read online
A robot on a factory assembly line wonders if any of the others are self-aware. (2 pages)
December 2018, "Tomorrow," Quatrain Fish: free to read online
Thoughts on the generational dilemma. (4 lines)
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