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The Gemini Project







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The Lost Sister


Sophie can read her foster parents’ minds.

Her twin brother Jack can’t.

Normally, they’d both be reading minds. Being together is all it takes to activate their powers. But the better they know someone, the less they can read, and Jack has had three years with the Westons. Sophie just arrived.

Three years in the foster care system have taught Sophie that there’s nothing more dangerous than trust, even though Jack insists that the Westons deserve it. Sophie knows Jack must be blinded by the clean house, the warm food, and the Westons’ two-year-old daughter, who he calls his sister. But the more Sophie listens to their thoughts, the more she realizes the truth.

It’s not that the Westons don’t deserve her trust. It’s that she doesn’t deserve theirs.

The Twin Paradox


After rescuing her foster parents from a serial killer, Sophie is convinced that she and Jack can get through anything together.

Navigating a new home and school in the same year? They’ve done it before.

Meeting a new girl at school who thinks Jack is cute—and who seems to have a supernatural ability to make him like her? Sophie can scare her off.

Repeat visits from the FBI, who are running on incomplete evidence since Jack and Sophie only found out the killer’s identity by reading his mind? They’ll work it out.

Her case worker getting suspicious about the amount of time the FBI spends at the Westons’ house and threatening to take her away from her family—including Jack—for her safety?

. . . Well, that could be a problem.


The Good Fight

Coming Soon!

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