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The Lost Sister


Sophie can read her foster parents’ minds.

Her twin brother Jack can’t.

Normally, they’d both be reading minds. Being together is all it takes to activate their powers. But the better they know someone, the less they can read, and Jack has had three years with the Westons. Sophie just arrived.

Three years in the foster care system have taught Sophie that there’s nothing more dangerous than trust, even though Jack insists that the Westons deserve it. Sophie knows Jack must be blinded by the clean house, the warm food, and the Westons’ two-year-old daughter, who he calls his sister. But the more Sophie listens to their thoughts, the more she realizes the truth.

It’s not that the Westons don’t deserve her trust. It’s that she doesn’t deserve theirs.

To be released on June 18, 2021


A contemporary reality-bending adventure

Elena Holmes, a nineteen-year-old math prodigy, escapes the pressure of her newfound fame by working at a kids' summer science camp where no one knows who she really is.

But then she meets an eight-year-old camper, Sam, with the ability to bend the laws of science itself.

Her secrets are thrown out into the open. Her whole view of reality is upended. But her only thought is to protect this innocent child—who also happens to be the most incredible being in the world.


Then Sam's abilities become dangerous.

New chapters released every Monday and Thursday